A discussion on the purpose of recess

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A discussion on the purpose of recess

The pressure for schools to improve student test scores is so intense that some are abandoning the childhood treasure of "recess" in lieu of more on-task time. Education World asked educators about recess practices at their schools and the importance of free time for kids to be kids.

What might their responses tell you about the importance of recess at your school?

A Discussion About Recess | Stories From School

Tips for a safe and productive recess period. Play is learning lessons that often can't be learned anyplace else. I believe that taking away time to play will not raise test scores. It seems that with all the rush to pass standardized tests, children have less and less time to play and enjoy it," teacher Marlie Griffin tells Education World.

In Griffin's school, Kent Prairie Elementary in Arlington, Washington, a developmental approach to recess was put into place to give students structure and help them to play constructively.

The goal was to give the students some skills in play that they seemed to lack. We made recess fun. Recess had a clublike atmosphere, and the kids really seemed to enjoy it.

The developmental approach worked fairly well for children who have trouble in less-structured situations and those with inadequate social skills.

Third- through fifth-grade classes have two. Para-educators supervise the recesses, which are held on two playgrounds. Older students and younger students may mingle during the recess periods.

The students have separate lunch periods, according to grade level, followed by a minute break for recess. Recess takes place in the gym or outside, explains Meyer.

They may play volleyball and tether ball. Outside, we allow them to play basketball, soccer, wall ball, or football. They may run or relax and chat -- whatever -- as long as the game is safe and they are in sight of the monitor.

Students may also see teachers, use the library and computers, do make-up work, attend study sessions, and enjoy "lunch bunch" groups with staff. The principal and the assistant principal are responsible for supervising recess.

They have help from parent volunteers through a program run by the school PTSA. Parents at Lunch PAL gives the adults a chance to network too. Parents are always welcome, but many don't know how to become involved in the school. This is a great way to meet both the students' needs and the parents'," Meyer states.

Meyer has several reasons for suggesting that middle school students need a recess. Middle school kids are learning to socialize as adolescents. They need to try out various roles, and school is a safe environment. They need to control their unstructured time to use it well.

A discussion on the purpose of recess

They are growing at different rates and are at various levels of development physically, mentally, and emotionally. They need to be able to try out their skills and their muscles and use their energy. The students get to relate to administrators in informal settings. Says Meyer, "It is amazing what I can find out about a kid [during recess time], or I can connect with kids I wouldn't ordinarily see.Jul 13,  · So far both of my rear tire stems failed.

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A discussion on the purpose of recess

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