African americans in pop culture

From colonial times, African Americans arrived in large numbers as slaves and lived primarily on plantations in the South. In slave and free blacks together comprised about one-fifth of the U.

African americans in pop culture

World History Famous African-Americans Throughout history many famous African-American men and women have contributed significantly to society as far as civil rights, music, science, sports, equality are concerned. Their remarkable efforts and achievements, and life stories are often are quite worthy of high recognition.

Below is a list of some of the most famous African-Americans of all time. Being a slave turned social activist Dred Scott was a slave for several owners before he tried to sue for his freedom in a Missouri Court.

The case went all the way up to the Supreme Court where the ruling in Missouri that would have given him and his family freedom was overturned by the court.

It is believed that this case was part of what motivated the Emancipation Proclamation by Abraham Lincoln. Sojourner Truth Known For: She was born a slave and later escaped less than a year before slavery was abolished in the state of New York where she lived.

She was the first black person to successfully take a white man to court and win.

African americans in pop culture

The result of the case was the return of her son who was illegally sold and sent to Alabama. Frederick Douglass Known For: Famous abolitionist and human rights activist Frederick Douglass was a former slave who became a popular anti-slavery speaker.

He wrote an autobiography that became a bestseller in the U. He later became the first black man to be appointed to positions of political power.

Interestingly, he also was put on the Equal Rights Party ticket as vice presidential candidate without his agreement. This made him the first African American to be on the presidential ballot.

Harriet Tubman Known For: In her years she saved hundreds of African-Americans from slavery via the Underground Railraod. Washington Known For: He was a longstanding leader in the African-American community Booker T.

The African American influence on popular culture is among the most sweeping and lasting this country has seen. Despite a history of institutionalized racism, black artists, entertainers, and entrepreneurs have had enormous impact on American popular culture. Jul 14,  · African American Culture in a Modern American Dominant Sociology Intro to Sociology September 3, Janice Caparro African American culture in the United States refers to the cultural contributions of Americans African descent to the culture of the United States, either as part of or distinct from American culture. Stereotypes and generalizations about African Americans and their culture have evolved within American society dating back to the colonial years of settlement, particularly after slavery became a racial institution that was heritable.. A comprehensive examination of the restrictions imposed upon African-Americans in the United States of America through culture is examined by art historian Guy.

Washington was known for being a great speaker, educator, author and presidential advisor. He was initially born into slavery and after emancipation he became the voice for former slaves and other African-Americans who were being discriminated against in the Southern states.

He pushed for economic advancement and better education in the community.

Famous African-Americans

George Washington Carver Known For: Being a famous inventor and scientist George Washington Carver coined the crop rotation method. He also invented many different uses for the peanut. From this simple crop he created dyes, wood stain, shaving cream, shoe polish, synthetic rubber, salad oil and much more.

Du Bois Known For: Du Bois was a influential black rights activist and leader. He was also a notable scholar who studied at Harvard.

Du Bois was the very first black individual to earn their doctorate from Harvard University. Duke Ellington Known For: Being the man who started the big band jazz concept Duke Ellington was known for his skills as a pianist, composer and bandleader.

African americans in pop culture

He made over 1, musical creations during his lifetime with his career lasting over 50 years. Louis Armstrong Known For: Thought of as one of the top musicians in the history of jazz Besides playing the trumpet, Louis Armstrong was also a singer, actor, comedian, bandleader and soloist.

Being a popular poet and writer Hughes was first published at the age of He became a well-known poet, playwright and novelist. Thurgood Marshall Known For: Becoming the first black justice on the Supreme Court Thurgood Marshall graduated with a law degree from Howard University.

He argued the case of Brown v.

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Board of Education and won. Marshall served as a Supreme Court justice for 24 years.Read about black entertainment news, celebrity updates, and African-American culture from Ebony.


Read about black entertainment news, celebrity updates, and African-American culture from Ebony. Jun 01,  · The Freedmen’s Bureau Project-- a new initiative spearheaded by the Smithsonian, the National Archives, the Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints-- will make available online million historical documents, finally allowing descendants of former African-American slaves to learn more about their family roots.

The Pop Culture ESL Teacher. I am now living in Siem Reap, Cambodia! This is the eleventh country I have lived in (countries visited).). This is also the 25th city I have lived in! Pop Culture. Entertainment and celebrity news, interviews, photos and videos from TODAY. Joah Spearman and Louis Harrison Jr.

have done a great service with Real Role Models. If you are frustrated with the degree to which athletes and pop culture icons are pushed as role models for young African Americans, this is the book for you.

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