Beneficiary forms for business plans

What will happen to your k account if you die? In this article, the first of a two-part series, we look at issues to consider when naming a beneficiary for your k account.

Beneficiary forms for business plans

If your Will or Trust says that you are giving your money to a charity, how could a court overturn that and give the money to the children?

beneficiary forms for business plans

Normally, if you follow the rules, this will not happen. However, in this recent case, there was sloppy paper work that resulted in the charity losing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Designation of Beneficiary

Here is what happened, Mr. Kropf set up a Trust in He filled out Beneficiary Forms for his retirement accounts, providing that all of his retirement assets would pay into the Trust.

Inhe cancelled his old Trust and set up a new Trust, which provided for the charity. So on his death, the retirement accounts and IRAs had to pay to the Trust.

Since Trust had been cancelled, the money went to the Contingent Beneficiary on the Beneficiary Form which was the son, not the charity. What should the person have done to avoid this problem? It is important to remember that a Will and Trust do not control the disposition of all of your assets.

Any asset that has a Beneficiary Form supersedes the Will and Trust.

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You can have Beneficiary Designations for almost any asset including: IRAs; k plans or other retirement plans; Bank accounts and CDs; Life insurance and annuities; Real estate In this case, the Trust specifically mentioned that the retirement accounts were controlled by the Trust, but the Court held that it did not matter - the Beneficiary Form controlled.

How often should you review your Beneficiary Forms? There is no hard and fast rule. Generally, you should review your Beneficiary Forms if something has changed in your life, such as the death of a Beneficiary, a divorce or as in this case, if you change your estate planning documents.

Moreover, any plan participant, beneficiary or fiduciary can sue for enforcement of the recordkeeping requirements, and individuals responsible for any failure can be required to cover associated plan costs (e.g., re-establishment of records) and can be removed as fiduciaries. When you open a retirement plan account such as an IRA or (k), the forms you fill out will ask you to name a beneficiary for the account. After your death, whatever funds are left in the account will not have to go through probate; the beneficiary you named can claim the . A contingent beneficiary or beneficiaries, on the other hand, is designated in the event your primary beneficiary predeceases you. Since a deceased person can't inherit assets, your (k) account balance would go to the contingent beneficiar(ies) you identified if your primary beneficiary is no longer alive.

At a minimum, even if nothing has changed, you should review these Beneficiary Forms once every couple of years.Designation of Beneficiary Forms Many employees file a designation of beneficiary form and then never think about it again. However, it is a good practice to periodically take the time to review these forms, especially when you have a significant change in your life such as a marriage, birth of child, or a divorce.

For certain retirement savings plans, such as a Fidelity Retirement Plan (self-employed (k)/Keogh account), federal law dictates that if you are married, you can't designate anyone other than your spouse as the primary beneficiary without your spouse's consent.

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beneficiary forms for business plans

Beneficiary Name Enter the name of the beneficiary of the IRA plan. If the beneficiary is an entity, enter the name of the entity. Entity Contact Name Enter . Beneficiary Forms for USPS Employees Download forms to name a beneficiary. Government employees can download the appropriate forms to designate a beneficiary who will receive unpaid earnings, retirement funds, or insurance in the event of the employee's death.

Beneficiary Designation Form Sample. No plan should be adopted without review and advice of legal counsel and other professional advisers familiar with the employer's business, facts and circumstances, as affected by Section A of the Internal Revenue Code and other applicable law.

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