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Editor-in-chief Max Weiss previews the October issue of Baltimore magazine. Video Mascot coordinator Brandon Williams takes us behind the mask.

City paper best of baltimore

It was only for the convenience of county and state officials that the minutes were kept bilingual. The first entry of these minutes, still preserved in the Municipal Building, shows the date June 18, On the left page we see the English, on the opposite page the corresponding German text.

In this way the Council minutes were recorded until the first World War. In this way the domestic growth of the population would supplement the importation of settlers from outside.

Young couples with children would primarily be concerned with the school facilities. Thus the Association provided funds from which the salaries of teachers and the rent of school rooms could be paid.

The first teachers of the town were Hermann Trisch and William Frackmann. In the beginning there were only unsatisfactory temporary arrangements: With regard to the school question it is interesting to note that the town officers, in spite of their German background, strictly adhered to the common American practice of keeping the public school free of all religious affiliations.

A petition, signed by several women, requested that the teacher should conduct classes in religion. The city fathers ordered the clerk "to give notice to the petitioners that the Common Council had no authority to dispose of the teacher beyond school time, and that it was no business of the City Council to meddle with religion.

Within the first fifteen years four German churches were organized in the town: The Moravian Brethren, the Catholic St. During the very first years of the colony there was no church. A minister of the Reformed Church, Ulrich Gunther, lived in Egg Harbor for a while and in a true Christian spirit of non-discrimination ministered to each and everyone who was in spiritual need.

The Egg Harbor people then applied to the Boards of the Lutheran and of the Reformed Churches for regular preachers, but their pleadings produced no action. Upon the advice of the Rev. The Board explored the situation and in March sent the first regular preacher to Egg Harbor, the Rev. Christian Israel who organized a Moravian congregation with sixty-six communicants and sixty-three children.

In the congregation decided to erect a church, induced by an offer of the Gloucester Association which promised to donate five lots for a church structure on condition that the building be erected in that same year The Association seizing upon every chance to enlarge and consolidate the settlement made later similar offers to other congregations.

Actually the Moravians beat all the others and dedicated their church building on Palm Sunday, At the end of the fifties the German Catholics in Egg Harbor also began to move. Originally they were part of St. Mary Magdalene of Millville, N. Old timers pass on the story that a Father Martin Gessner came over, riding on a white horse to tend the shepherdless flock.

After the usual trial period of ambulant services in private homes, St. Nicholas Church, still in use today, was erected in This was answered in the affirmative and the first priest, Father Yunker, was duly installed.

The beginnings of the Reformed as well as of the Lutheran congregations go back to a common start in the year Pfister served for a brief term, then a colorful personality, the Rev. Under his guidance the congregation increased to members.

City paper best of baltimore

He also began the construction of a church building. Notwithstanding such merits, he later figured conspicuously in the annals of the church through his dubious financial dealings and his stubborn and from his point of view understandable resistance to produce the accounts.

True to its supradenominational spirit it also sheltered the first worship of the Lutherans. Fritze from Carlisle, Pa. A few months later they elected the Rev.

Fritze as their regular pastor; a church was built in The first thirty years of the congregation were a history of schisms, factions, stormy meetings and resignations, of a tug of war between those who wanted to affiliate with the Pennsylvania Synod and those who found the Missouri Synod more inspiring.

There were numerous changes in the pastorate and long shepherdless intervals in which some educated layman on Sunday morning read chapters from the Bible.

In the next decade the pastorate of the Rev.Best Of D.C. Best Of Mitch Ryals Named Loose Lips Reporter at City Paper. City Desk After Years, Lincoln Temple United Church of Christ Has One Sunday Service Remaining.

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City paper best of baltimore

Lisa Cunningham named editor-in-chief at Pittsburgh City Paper By CP Staff Cunningham is the first woman to preside over City Paper ’s editorial staff in its plus years. Fios internet in the. Greater Baltimore, MD.

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BPD Officer Sean Suiter Remembered Friday Night With VigilFamily and friends came together to remember Baltimore City Police Detective Sean Suiter on Friday. City Paper offers Baltimore, Maryland's best coverage of news, culture, ideas, music, arts, theater, movies and events.

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