Newspaper articles healthcare research

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Newspaper articles healthcare research

Newspaper articles healthcare research

The acquisition includes 64 bound volumes of the Service Stripe and 87 bound volumes of the Stripe. Originally called Service Stripe, the newspaper covered the people and events at the former military hospital until the paper ceased publication in Augustwhen the installation and hospital complex were closed in response to a recommendation by the Base Realignment and Closure Commission in Army physician Major Walter Reed and his namesake hospital.

Recalling how The Come-Back historical issues were turned over to the NMHM for proper preservation, Little said, "Turning over the bounded issues of The Come-Back, Service Stripe and Stripe newspapers to the National Museum of Health and Medicine just seemed to simply be the right thing to do, not only because of the renowned reputation of the NMHM, its historical significance in military medicine and capabilities in preservation and storage, but also because of the very close ties between the museum and Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

The two historic organizations shared the same campus for a number of years. Cutter said that while the newspaper as a resource may not be the most glamourous research asset, it is often incredibly valuable when the articles or photographs reveal details about people and events that fill in gaps in other records.

Streck-Havill said archives staff will now work through each Stripe volume to create a general inventory, specifying how many copies they have of each individual volume and which volumes may be missing.

That step is important for the public because it will help individuals and researchers to easily decide what content they would like to obtain from the Stripe. Now we will be able to. Having it here is amazing.

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Newspaper articles healthcare research

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