Poor practice and unprofessional conduct that may impact on outcomes

The Board may maintain offices in as many localities in the State as it finds necessary to carry out the provisions of this chapter. The initial performance audit of the Board must be commenced before October 1,

Poor practice and unprofessional conduct that may impact on outcomes

October 12, current and relevant legislation and policy affects work with children and young people. Children Actis one of the first pieces of legislations to recognise that the needs of the children are important. The act also includes the support of children who are disabled and when they reach the age of 18 they will come under the NHS and community care act [1].

Current and relevant legislation and policy affects work with children and young people by being involved in decision-making and also organisations and services that involve children and young people will benefit from their involvement.

Children and young people may gain new skills and confidence and make a real difference in something that matters to them. Agencies may gain a better understanding of what makes an effective service for children and young people or will build stronger relationships with the young people they work with [3].

The impact of social care standards and codes of practice on work with children and young people. Social care standards are very important in the sector. They Provide guidance for induction, training and development opportunities to social care workers to do their jobs effectively and prepare for new and changing roles and responsibilities.

Standards and codes of practice have had an impact on training and development within the work role.

Poor practice and unprofessional conduct that may impact on outcomes

For example within our work place we are required to complete core training as part of the employment conditions, this core training includes: When this training is completed the employee can then go on to gain a level 3 diploma qualification in working with children and young people.

The purpose of all this training is to ensure people who work in social care are fully trained and educated in the needs and rights required by the young people their care.

Over the years in the care industry there have been serious failings like the case of Baby P and Victoria climbe, such cases have lead to enquiries and subsequently improvements in the standards of care of children and young people.

Codes of practice have been formed and these codes act as guidelines for all carers to follow to ensure their needs are met and all young people are cared for correctly.

It constitutes a common reference against which progress in meeting human rights standards for children can be assessed and results compared. Having agreed to meet the standards in the Convention, governments are obliged to bring their legislation, policy and practice into accordance with the standards in the Convention [6].

It acknowledges the primary role of parents and the family in the care and protection of children, as well as the obligation of the State to help them carry out these duties.

The UN Convention consists of 41 articles, each of which details a different type of right. These rights are not ranked in order of importance; instead they interact with one another to form one integrated set of rights.

A common approach is to group these articles together under the following themes: As their capacities develop, children should have increasing opportunity to participate in the activities of society, in preparation for adulthood. The UN Convention includes four articles that are given special emphasis.

These rights are the bedrock for securing the additional rights in the UN Convention.


The responsibilities of a corporate parent, a professional carer. Corporate Parenting is the term used to describe the responsibility that all Local Authorities, and their partner agencies, have to children and young people who are in their care.

This responsibility will fulfil some, or all, [ of the traditional parenting role and can happen on many levels from decisions about their day to day care through to decisions about where a child will live and which School they will attend [8].

A corporate parent is a term used to describe the collective responsibility of the council towards looked after children and care leavers whether they are subjected to supervision rights, live at home with their family, in foster care or in residential schools or care homes.Support-A-Soldier.

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HOW CURRENT AND RELEVANT LEGISLATION AND POLICY AFFECTS WORK WITH CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE. Examples of poor practice and unprofessional conduct that may impact on outcomes For children and young people. failure to act on such information can all impact outcomes .

Teaching practice: a make or break phase for student teachers. Edith Kiggundu I; Samuel Nayimuli II. I Currently teaching at the Memorial University of New Foundland, Canada, and is a researcher on the South African National School Leadership project.

Her research interests are adult basic education, school leadership, teacher training and the social context of HIV&AIDS. Poor Practice And Unprofessional Conduct That May Impact On Outcomes Running head: Unprofessional Conduct Unprofessional Conduct, or Is American InterContinental University Online HCMA The Ethical and Legal Aspects of Healthcare March 2, INTRODUCTION This paper will examine a Idaho case where a nurse met a woman diagnosed with myelogenous .

4. give examples of poor practice and unprofessional conduct that may impact on outcomes for children and young people 5.

Poor practice and unprofessional conduct that may impact on outcomes

explain the actions to take where poor practice and unprofessional conduct are having a negative impact on outcomes for children and young people.

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