Project report on vodafone

Fighting Cancer Cancer touches so many of us; with one in two Australians being diagnosed with cancer by their 85th birthday, medical research is the key to finding better treatments. Cancer research progress at Garvan Institute of Medical Research is slowed by the limited access researchers have to the supercomputers they need to crunch complex research data.

Project report on vodafone

You can download the raw data collected during Glasnost tests from Measurement Lab. Please follow the instructions on the page. The tools that we used to analyze the data can be downloaded from here. We encourage you to analyze the data and inspect our scripts.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, we welcome you to contact us. The article cited the percentage of Glasnost tests for which we detected traffic shaping for ISPs world-wide.

When inferring whether an ISP is deploying traffic shaping, it is important to view those percentages in the context of the potential measurement errors, all of which were not emphasized sufficiently in the article.

In particular, we wish to emphasize the following: That is, a user is reported to have observed traffic shaping, even if any one of the four BitTorrent tests she runs detects shaping.

You can download an xls file containing the results cited by the New York Times article here. As the aggregated results column H in the.


A more accurate inference can be drawn from the results of individual BitTorrent tests columns C through G in the. Results presented in the table above with tighter bounds on false positives shows more clearly that there is no evidence of traffic shaping by these US ISPs.

On the other hand, the article correctly reports that BitTorrent traffic shaping appears to be more common in certain European countries like Britain. In fact, results presented in the table above with tighter bounds on false positives also show that some European ISPs are likely deploying BitTorrent traffic shaping.

Contact This page is part of the research on residential broadband networks at the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems. The results presented on this page were compiled by Marcel Dischinger and Krishna P.

Project report on vodafone

November as part of the Glasnost project. If you have questions or feedback, you can contact us via e-mail:mba project on vodafone 70, views.

Share; Like Projects Kart, Digital Media. Follow Published on May 11, Published in: Education. 87 Comments Vodafone Internship Report Rupai Bhadra.

Summer Internship project presentation Shri Theja. Organization Study at Saldana Coffee. Vodafone’s /18 Supplier Awards were confirmed tonight in Luxembourg with great hullabaloo, led by Vodafone’s Group Procurement Director (and Vodafone Procurement Company, VPC CEO) Ninian Wilson, at the evening event of day one of the May VPC-Technoport JV Tomorrow Street’s Arch Summit..

Vodafone Supplier Awards /18 winners. The winners of the genuinely much-coveted.

Project report on vodafone

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Apr 19,  · Re: Vodafone Project Report MBA PDF This Survey is intended to achieve a sharp comprehension of the business sector potential for telecom items.

Connecting for Good—enabling mobile technology to deliver social change

The . Category: Business Environment» Business Ethics created 3 year(s) ago - updated 3 year(s) ago by Preety Shah 0 comments, views As a customer-obsessed company, Vodafone has a strict policy that it will not engage in. Vodafone Project Report Executive Summary Doing Business with the Poor a Field Guide, is a report that explores the way in which several leading companies are developing magnificent business models that are designed to assist them to generate more revenue while serving the needs of the poor through innovative commercial operations.

The guide.

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