Questions and answers on maus

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Questions and answers on maus

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Click on assignment link 2. In File click on "Make a copy" 3. Put in correct unit collection - i. Maus and The Holocaust Over the next three weeks we will be learning about memoir and non-fiction texts through Holocaust literature.

Questions and answers on maus

Thursday May 2, - Please complete the Maus pre-reading webquest linked here. In order to complete this webquest you will need to answer all of the question on the document linked here.

Make sure to create a new folder in your English folder titled "Maus" and make a copy and save the webquest document in this folder. We will be referring to this document on Friday.

In the webquest material for today there are some audio elements. If you want to play these elements make sure that you use your headphones! If you do not have headphones, please finish these elements for homework.

Friday May 3, - Please finish the Maus pre-reading webquest from yesterday if you have not done so already. You will also be watching a short clip of an interview with Art Spiegelman, the author of Maus.

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When you finish watching the clip, grab a copy of Maus off the bookshelf and read chapter one of Maus I. Make sure that you read the very beginning of the text - before chapter one even begins.

You should be working quietly and independently the entire hour!!! Make sure you come to class Monday with the your pre-reading activity completed, chapter one read and the study questions completed. Make sure all of your materials are filed into a new file in your English folder called "Maus".

Imagine that you have been charged with writing the memoirs of one of your classmates. You, being a good journalist, want your piece to be as accurate portrayal of your classmate as possible.

I want you to think up 3 generic interview questions that you could ask any classmate that would lead to some kind of response. When thinking up these questions, following these guidelines: Ask open ended questions - ones that make the subject of the interview talk and ask questions that almost anybody has an opinion on most influential person, most embarrassing moment, etc.

In five minutes you are going to interview someone in class and gather the answers to these questions.

Questions and answers on maus

You can write a paragraph or two or create a mini three frame comic in the vein of Maus. Tuesday May 7, - Discuss chapter one of Maus I, go through study questions.

Read chapter 2 of Maus I and complete study questions. Click here for study questions.Course Hero's expert-written discussion question and answer pairs for Art Spiegelman's Maus offer insight and analysis on themes, symbols, characters, and more.

In the book, 'Maus 2' the animals are considered a type ofsymbolism. Each animal in the story is supposed to represent adifferent race. Page of questions, articles and links about Art Spiegelman's Maus, for college students in an introductory Holocaust course.

Cope, Decker, BYU, 3 father and the author himself, in this questioning. And while Maus fails perhaps to give us a clear answer to our enduring question of what does it mean to be human. Study Questions for Spiegelman's Maus, Vol.

MAUS and GENOCIDE: Chapter 5: "Mouse Holes"

1, Ch. 1 1. Comment on the ending of the ANSWER ESSAY QUESTIONS Choose 2 of the following 5 questions and answer each question with a 1 1/2 or 2-page typed double-spaced essay: 1. What does Maus do that pure text narratives cannot?

In what ways do Spiegelman's crude drawings help us. Questions and Answers: Operator Thanks for the questions. Let me speak to the MAUs, a couple points that you should be aware of there.

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Maus and The Holocaust - Mrs. Rogers' English Classroom