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A short little story that could either take place in the Victorian age or the Modern age post Season 4, whichever you prefer. This shameless, classless, tasteless parody, inspired by "The Blue Carbuncle," is dedicated to Big Brother John Bennett Shaw, who always said it was better to believe in Holmes than in Nixon. Watson, Sherlock Holmes - Complete The Adventure of the Historical Doppelgangers by Juliana Brandagamba reviews When Sherlock Holmes woke up in an entirely different bed to the one he had fallen asleep in, it did not take him long to deduce that he had gone back in time.

Rubykatewriting ao3 sherlock

The one where they're all scientists in Eureka, and Stiles is being stalked by Derek's freakishly lifelike animatronic wolf.


Written in response to this prompt at the Teen Wolf Kink Meme. And, as I said to the prompter: See the end of the work for other works inspired by this one. Stiles wakes up in the middle of the night, after only two scant hours of sleep, to a large, black wolf standing on his bed and staring down at him.

Only in Eureka would freaky crap like this happen. He clutches a hand to his pounding chest and tries to kick away the blankets wrapped rubykatewriting ao3 sherlock his feet. There's a chuffing noise from the wolf, whose steps make the bed springs creak as he moves to look over the edge.

Stiles isn't sure how a wolf's face can look disgusted and disdainful, but this one manages it. Just like it managed to somehow get inside of Stiles' house without opposable thumbs.

Stiles shoves the blankets away and stumbles to his feet. You're shaving years off my life with this. It's going to be one of those nights, the kind where, even if Stiles skips the useless attempts to get the wolf out of his damn bed, and goes directly to the part where he bunks down elsewhere in the house, the wolf will just wait until Stiles falls asleep to find him and sleep on top of him.

Once, in a fit of spite, Stiles took a sleeping bag into the freaking bathtub and only succeeded in proverbially cutting off his nose, because it turns out that it's epically uncomfortable to try to sleep crammed in a small tub with a hundred-plus pound wolf.

Stiles glances from the wolf to the clock. He needs to be back at Global Dynamics in four hours to finish testing on his latest batch of nanites. With a sigh, he climbs back into bed, having to arrange himself around the stubborn wolf, who waits until Stiles is comfortable to drape the upper half of his body on Stiles' chest, muzzle nudging Stiles' neck.

It's a pointless endeavor. Sourwolf just stares at Stiles from the passenger seat when he tells the wolf to go home, and when Stiles reaches into the car, intending to use a handful of neck scruff to drag the wolf out, Sourwolf snaps at him.

Stiles jerks his hand back, offended and annoyed. I'm going to work, come get him from me, okay, and figure out what the deal is, because it's ridiculous.

I was over the novelty of it four months ago, dude. Lydia comes in just as Stiles finishes transferring his experiment results to his viewing terminal.Sherlock Holmes and John Watson live as Detective and biographer in Victorian London.

After solving the case of Countess Morcar and The Blue Carbuncle, John Watson supposes, as it almost Christmas, normal life will resume. However, Sherlock Holmes has met mortuary girl, Molly Hooper, and life will never be the same again. Basically what that means is that as fics are submitted to the Sherlock (TV) -> Sherlock Holmes tag on AO3, a link to them is generated automatically and sent to post on this blog.

Who: Lots of different people wrote the fics you'll find here. The man—Sherlock Holmes, and Stiles would comment on the name if he didn’t go by Stiles for a damn good reason—offers him tea. Stiles accepts, even though he doesn’t like tea, because it .

rubykatewriting ao3 sherlock

An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Main Content; Archive of Our La vie l'avait mâché et recraché, comme s'il avait un arrière-goût écœurant.

Sherlock avait choisi de sauver John, à cette époque. Acceptera-t-il de recommencer, malgré tout ce qu'il a traversé? Traduction de quantumb.

Assistant to the Consulting Detectives

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