Strategic plans in multicultura organizations

The findings and recommendations offer international education programs, educators and youth workers strategies and best practices to support youth in their leadership development through service learning, an educational approach that combines civic engagement with learning activities. Service learning offers the opportunity to support and enhance the learning from international exchanges and educations programs. It can be applied towards youth in both academic and non-academic youth programs.

Strategic plans in multicultura organizations

In Europe, the refugee crisis has highlighted, more than ever, the need for strong, cooperative integration initiatives that counter adversities with opportunities, and endeavour to build an inclusive European community which celebrates diversity. Newcomers with potential and a desire to contribute to their host countries should be regarded as assets, not burdens.

The destructive rhetoric which presents refugees and migrants as a strain on the welfare system neglects the fact they represent a wealth of untapped human capital ready to pare deficits in the European workforce Forrest.

Unfortunately, relocated workers often lack the country-specific human capital for example, proficiency in the local language necessary to apply their pre-existing skills Dustmann. Innovative and flexible forms of labour market integration, through active cooperation of all public and private stakeholders are, therefore, needed in order to prevent large-scale waste of human capital.

Xynteo and its Leadership Vanguard partners show how corporate stakeholders constitute vital partners to governmental and civil society organisations, not only because effective forms of labour market integration are in their interest, but also because they have the capacity to develop innovative concepts.

The LevelUp Marketplace is designed Strategic plans in multicultura organizations the aim to tackle common job-matching challenges encountered by migrants and refugees and takes on a holistic perspective to address the complex issues that arise in context of labour market integration.

The Service Bundler, a digital guide, aids job-seeking status holders with navigating through the extensive and often confusing process of labour market integration, building on the support from networked civil and municipal organisations.

The LevelUP users are then prepared for successful career paths through Re-Skilling, and finally get the chance to be on the radar of corporate employers through a Job-Matching service. Our consultancy student team, WayIn, was asked to evaluate the LevelUP Marketplace concept and chose a suitable pilot location.

In order to create a comprehensive set of policy recommendations, we identified objectives, carried out extensive research through a variety of methods, compiled our findings and considerations, and synthesised these according to the needs of Xynteo and its partners.

The objective of this research report is to present our findings and policy recommendations. We present these as follows: Academic literature review and theoretical framework Through the literature review we determine the six most impactful factors for the LevelUP Marketplace to establish our theoretical framework: Definitions The target group of the LevelUP Marketplace consists of all foreign individuals residing in a European host society, who need to integrate into that specific labour market.

Generally, there is a large difference between regular migrants and asylum-seekers, based on the fact that regular migrants can prepare for their immigration within their country of origin, whereas asylum-seekers must first travel to the host country to apply for international protection.

Especially since the refugee crisis oflabour market integration of asylum-seekers has become increasingly relevant.

Due to the limited scope of our research, this research has decided to focus on asylum-seekers. Generally, asylum-seekers are granted the following titles within European host societies: Case studies Guided by these key concepts, we investigate similar projects to the LevelUP Marketplace, and provide the results of research-intensive case studies specifically conducted for and tailored to the needs of Xynteo to form a stronger bridge between academic theory and practical implementation.

Introduction of Vienna as the pilot location Drawing on our theoretical framework, we also argue that the implementation of the LevelUP should be piloted in a European city, rather than a country, where it would be both relevant and the most feasible.

Based on our country research, we present Vienna as a suitable pilot location. Stakeholder analysis Finally, we introduce the most crucial stakeholders for a potential implementation of the LevelUP Marketplace in Vienna, based on our elaborate stakeholder analysis as divided into governmental, civil society and corporate stakeholders.

Strategic plans in multicultura organizations

Person eligible for subsidiary protection or beneficiary of subsidiary protection: Policy Recommendations Finally, we present Xynteo with a suggested marketing strategy and ten policy recommendations based on the concepts of inclusion, connection and direction.

An exception are those parts of the paper that draw directly from literature or cases that specifically refer to migrants or refugees; here, the terminology of the original authors will be used. Funding, other assistance or employment Governmental involvement: A more diverse labour market could have many positive effects — less prejudice, more creative solutions Threats Low interest: Either if refugees or migrants are hesitant to take part in the project, or if corporations consider it to be too much of a risk Organisational conflict:The Multicultural Studies Minor is a flexible minor that focuses on the United States.

By minoring in Multicultural Studies, you can learn how different cultures interact to shape individual identity and to structure U.S. society. Because organizations today need employees who can perform effectively in a diverse workplace, the minor can also .

From the definition evolved and in the Strategic Plan (), this category broadened and included disabled children and the elderly, immigrants and asylum seekers as well as elderly people.

Oddly, this definition does not mention the main source of exclusion - that is ethnic exclusion. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online.

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Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu’s. All organizations engage in planning activities, and most organizations plan in exactly the same fashion. Strategic plans are the overall plans that describe how the organization will achieve its major goals.

Chapter The Multicultura93%(40). Mehmet Ayudin, right, and Federico Mayor, co-chairs of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations briefed journalists after their 2-day meeting at the offices of the Turkish Mission to the United Nations at the U.N.

Headquarters, Wednesday, Sept. 6, In these observations, discussions of plans as they related to the commitments made in the AI strategic planning retreat were recorded.

These included partnering with like-minded organizations, increasing participation in community projects and collaboration within and among committees.

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