The abandonment of nature caused by peoples dependence on technology

Moral Corruption The early years of the 21st century have witnessed an explosion in the Internet usage.

The abandonment of nature caused by peoples dependence on technology

Multitasking is a way of life for millions Americans The New York Times reports that digital devices and distractions - from cell phones, to laptops, iPods, e-mail and mobile games - could deprive our brains of necessary downtime.

People use phones and other electronic devices to get work done almost anywhere these days - from the gym, to the grocery store checkout line, the bus stop or a stoplight.

The abandonment of nature caused by peoples dependence on technology

Many see it as a way to make even the smallest window of time productive - or entertaining. But researchers say that downtime is essential - it's a way to let the brain go over experiences it's had and turn them into long-term memories. And you can't do that if your nose is always stuck in some electronic device.

Scientists also say that even though people like multi-tasking - they might in fact be taxing their brains and tiring themselves out. Some people say they feel stressed out by the pressure to constantly stay in contact.

Meanwhile, there's a new study out that shows teens are becoming addicted to texting - with the average teen sending 3, texts a month.

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Experts say the same part of the brain is stimulated with both texting and using drugs, like heroin. Signs of being addicted to texting include: Is too much technology a bad thing? Interested to know which ones made it on air?

Emerson in Los Angeles writes: I believe too much technology isn't necessarily a bad thing, but how people USE that technology is.

People at work look at me funny when I come knocking on their cubicle, rather than sending an e-mail. People get mad when I don't answer my cell phone at any given time of the day. People wonder why I don't constantly update where in my apartment I am, or what I'm doing with the cat, or what color laundry I'm folding at this instant.

The technology explosion has accelerated greatly in the past years.

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It has created a new environment to which we have not fully assimilated. However, your question is irrelevant. We do not have a choice of more or less technology. The future will bring more and the challenge is to utilize it constructively for the benefit of society.

It sure can be. We all cry out for jobs, jobs, jobs, yet go download a digital book from an online seller. We're so quick to embrace new things as progress, but do we think about how acts like that contribute to killing entire industries and the jobs that go with them, yet replace only a fraction of the people in return?

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Business loves technology, it helps their bottom lines, that in and of itself should make us all stop and think.

Dennis in Minneapolis writes: Depends what angle you're talking about. Too much quantity is bad. The level of sophistication is another matter. Technology always benefits us the more advanced it becomes. Just ask some texting kid to explain the phrase "Stop and smell the roses.

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Technology can have positive or negative impact on social interactions