The life of samuel huntington essay

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The life of samuel huntington essay

Aside from the dubious status of civilisational narratives, it is clear that the defining feature of the contemporary world is that these divisions exist within society itself.

There is a perceptible tendency — especially on the part of anti-traditionalist and anti-conservative commentators — to minimise the issues at stake in the so-called Culture Wars.

He was clearly exercised by the disintegration of the idea of an American Way Of Life. And he was clearly concerned by the potentially destructive consequences of the Culture Wars for the values he himself held dear.

Hence he was far more comfortable externalising his concerns by focusing on the alleged threat from Confucian, Islamic and other civilisations.

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So what is going on? If Huntington had more deeply probed the dynamics of what he called the internal clash of civilisations, it would have been evident that these disputes are fuelled by ideas and values that are integral to the same civilisation — that of the West.

Multiculturalism, cultural relativism, anti-foundationalism, the counterculture and the therapeutic imagination are not the products of Islamic fundamentalist teaching or Confucian philosophy.

Rather, this contestation of the cultural authority of the Enlightenment and of classical liberal democracy has emerged from within the soul of Western capitalism itself. Societies that are divided about the values that constitute a way of life are unlikely to unify around wider civilisational values.

Instead of representing global conflicts as civilisational clashes, it makes more sense to see them as, in part, the externalised manifestation of cultural tension immanent within capitalist society.

As I have noted elsewhere, the phenomenon of homegrown terrorism, and the estrangement of a significant number of Muslims from the society they inhabit, points to the domestic source of some of the wider global conflicts.

The rhetoric of civilisational conflict actually serves to distract attention from the crisis of elite authority on the home front. Anti-Americanism and contempt for aspects of the so-called Western way of life exercise widespread influence in many European countries. These sentiments are most systematically expressed through cultural critiques of consumerism, capitalist selfishness, greed and ambition.

Ideas that denounce Western arrogance and its belief in science and progress are actually generated from within the societies of Europe and America. Sadly, far too many people can only make sense of a problem of their own making when it assumes the form of an exotic threat from abroad.

What this collection of essays lacks is any serious interrogation of the Huntington thesis.

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Writing from an essentially illiberal and anti-democratic standpoint, Mahbubani - like many of his intellectual predecessors - blames the forces of cultural decadence.

A critique of Huntington which recognises his focus on the cultural dynamic of conflict, but which avoids the simplistic narrative of the clash of civilisations, is still in search of an author.

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Huntington (–) was an American political scientist best known for his thesis that, in the post–cold war world, conflicts would stem from the competing cultural identities of “civilizations” rather than the ideological (and state-based) conflicts of the cold war period.

The life of samuel huntington essay

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English as a global language short essay about friendship. Samuel Huntington’s “Clash of Civilizations” Essay Sample Samuel P. Huntington’s paper “The clash of civilizations” defines the shifting of causes for friction between nations. He describes the changing of the guard, between secular ideological friction, such as democracy versus communism, to cultural and religious reasoning.

ADAMS, John Quincy. Oration on the Life and Character of Gilbert Motier De Lafayette. Delivered at the Request of Both Houses of the United States, Before Them, in . This critical review examines Samuel P.

Huntington’s article titled “The Clash of Civilizations?”. In this article, Huntington (a) argues that in the wake of the fall of the Berlin Wall, international relations would no longer be dominated by an ideological conflict as was witnessed during the Cold War years, between capitalism and communism.

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